Australian Culture And Australian Society Essay

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Part A- Postcode
Wyndham Vale with the post code of 3024 is part of the land where the Woiworung people lived as part of the Kulin Nation (ATSIS, 2016). According to The Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages (VALC) the Woiworung people lived in the area beginning at the Yarra River, up to Gardiners Creek, and in the southeast next to Dandenong Creek. In the north, the Dividing Range from Mount Baw Baw to Mount Blackwood. The Werribee River was their westernmost point (ALC, 2016).

As such I would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land the Woiworung people. I recognise that Indigenous Australians have an ongoing connection to the land, and they have a unique contribution to Australian society. I offer my deepest respect for the Woiworung people, and pay my respects to elders both past and present, (CATSINaM, 2015) (Reconciliation, 2007)

Part B- Indigenous Health
When British people first arrived in what is now known as Australia the health of the Aboriginal people was reportedly quite remarkable. (Best & Fredericks, 2014). Since the time of the first Invasion the health of Indigenous people has declined dramatically. (Best & Fredericks, 2014 ) Statistically Aboriginal people have much poorer health than non-Indigenous Australians, and are much more likely to die at a much younger age than non-Indigenous Australians. (Sherwood & Edwards, 2006).

The British invasion of Australia has severly impacted Indigenous Australian’s health in a…

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