Australian Aborigines : The And Other Tales Of The Land Essay example

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Australian Aborigines
When learning about a new group of people it is best to understand their past and where they originated from. One of Australia’s indigenous groups is the Aborigines. The group is said to have migrated from Asia as early as 30,000 years ago. There are about 500-600 distinct groups of aboriginal people. Although there are different groups there are links between the groups that unify them such as their spiritual beliefs, storytelling and art. Their spiritual beliefs have a close relationship to the land. They refer to the beginning of the world as “Dreamtime or Dreaming”. In the storytelling they refer to Dreamtime and other tales of the land. Their music is distinguishable with an instrument known as the didgeridoo. Beadwork, sculpture, baskets, rock and bark paintings are some to the most know works of art made by the aborigines.
As with most cultures the aborigines have had a rough past. The biggest conflict came from the British colonists. The struggles were at their highest in the 1820s. The most deadly happened in 1828 in Van Diemen’s Land where the 5,000 Aboriginal people were condensed drastically. The main cause of the disastrous decay in Aboriginal population, was the introduction of European diseases. Smallpox, measles, malnutrition, and alcoholism were some of the diseases that reduced their population. The Aboriginal population fell from as many as 500,000 to less than 100,000 from 1788 to 1930.
Knowing the history of a group of people is…

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