Australia 's World 's Oldest Living Cultures Essay

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Australia is the smallest continent and home to more than 22 million people . Approximately, 70 percent of that population live in the largest 10 cities. Australia is also one of the world 's most multicultural countries, where vast Indigenous and immigrant cultures co-exist (About-Australia, n.d). Australia is home to one of the world 's oldest living cultures; the Aboriginal communities which were “established nearly 60,000 years before European settlement” (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, n.d).
In most health aspects such as life expectancy and quality of life, Australia surpasses many developed countries in the international ranking; hence, it is among the top 10 developed countries in the world as recorded in the international ranking of countries based on health. Therefore, Australians enjoy a very good health, thus they continue to live longer with life expectancies ranging from 83 for females and 79.7 for males. Furthermore, “Men who had survived to the age of 65 in 2012 are expected to live on average, an additional 19.1 years (to 84.1 years), and women an additional 22.0 years (to 87.0 years)” (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2014, January 23)
In Australia, behavioral risk factors that contribute to the burden of disease particularly chronic diseases include smoking, the use of prohibited drugs, drinking alcohol, malnutrition(under or overeating) and lack of physical activity. Although the smoking rates dropped from to 22 % to 16% over the…

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