Australia 's Trade Links With China Essays

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Good morning sir and class today I will be speaking about Australia’s trade links with china.
Australia and china have a healthy economic and trade relationship and this can be seen in the figures of this picture which show that the value of our exports are over $107B between the two countries. China is also our largest source of merchandise imports valued at $50B from 2013 to 2014. Chinas main imports to Australia are clothing and technology, which combined, are worth over $10B. These imported products play a key role in our economic market for businesses and customers. Australia has also invested over $29B in stocks in China. Our Partnership has grown so much that now as of the 17th of June 2015; we signed a free trade agreement with china to foster our relationship. As you can see on the map, china is only 7,000 km away from Australia and we are also both apart of the Asia pacific region. This makes trading convenient and essential for both our economies to flourish. This is why china is our biggest trading partner.
The government and several different organizations play a pivotal role in Australia’s trade with china. The Department of Foreign Affairs and trade provides foreign and trade policy advice to the government. The department of foreign affairs focuses on advancing Australia’s international strategic, security and economic interests. Overall economic diplomacy is at the core of the government’s international engagement, which is why…

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