Essay about Australia 's The Land Of Fair Go

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Australia, the supposed "land of fair go"; isn 't so fair if your skin colour isn 't white or if you 're a woman, or happen to have come on a boat. Everyday we see somewhere below the news headlines, articles about racism and discrimination towards Indigenous Australians, cuts to funding in schools and inequality in the workforce. A "land of fair go"doesn 't throw refugees fleeing from war and terror into rat ridden centres as if they were prisoners. A "land of fair go" doesn 't allow huge money generating companies to force the Indigenous people off their land so they can tear it apart. A "fair go" is equality, not evidently treating people of different ethnicities, economic statuses or genders differently. Yet, this is exactly what Australia does.

Australia prides itself on how it offers a "fair go" in education. However, zero fairness lies in the Australian education system. It is clear that the education of city children is valued over the education of a child living in a rural area. Some may argue that every child is entitled to an education, but how can Australia claim to be "a land of fair go" if one child 's education is valued over another 's? Firstly, the closure of rural and country schools has meant many children have to travel extremely long distances to get to the nearest school while children in the city have around five schools within their vicinity to select from and attend. They are provided with internet and all sorts of technology to assist them with…

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