Australia 's Primary Youth Mental Health Essay

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Mental health is a state of wellbeing where every individual realises their potential, the ability to cope with the stress of life and can work productively (Who, 2016). In Australia headspace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation designed to provide early intervention providing early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year olds (Headspace, 2016). This has prompted Professor Anthony Jorm to write for The Conversation, Is headspace really improving young people mental health? This raises the question of the effectiveness of Australia’s primary youth mental health program and if there should be a major expansion of 100 clinics with no research into such a question, initiating thoughts from the Australian government in charge of the distribution of headspace services around the country and academics who can research and develop new and initiative ways to develop the mental health programs through Australia.
As Jorm raises the point of young people do not seek help or assistance for mental health issues, this can be reiterated in a paper written by Rickwood et al as one in four Australian young people experience a clinically relevant mental health problem within a 1 year period compared to the one in five for the rest of the Australian population, conversely despite youths gaining the rank of the highest prevalence of, the Australian youth population have the lowest rates of seeking professional assistance for mental health problems across the human lifespan…

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