Australia 's Health System Of Australia Essay

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Australia’s health system provides widespread and inexpensive entry to high class medical, pharmaceutical and hospital services. It is world class in its efficiency and effectiveness. The health system is assisting people to maintain their health via health promotion and disease preventative activities.

The first public health program in Australia was commenced in 1788 in the south- eastern area of Sydney. After the arrival of the first fleet at the Sydney Cove, the necessity to provide basic medical care for the convicts and others was identified and as a result the Colonial Medical Service was established (NSW Government 2014). A temporary hospital was constructed and the colonial governments financially supported them. During the nineteenth century, doctors provided care on honorary basis in public hospitals, which were charitable. Private hospitals were for wealthy patients, while community-based medical care by doctors was provided on a fee-for-service basis (NSW Government 2014).

The 1901 Constitution regarded health care as the responsibility of the states and granted powers to the Federal Government (Kewley 1973). The Commonwealth Department of Health was established with the agreement of the states in 1921 post an influenza break. The National Health and Medical Research Council was formed in 1937 post the expansion of the Federal Health Council. The Commonwealth began to play a significant role in health matters only after the Second World War (Kewley 1973).…

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