Essay Australia 's Culture And Ethnic Diversity

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The development of Australia’s culture and ethnic diversity from 1945 to the present time has been primarily been shaped by the revolution of official government migration policies. The changes in policies allowed waves of many different migrants from all around the world to re settle in Australia. The end of World War II marked a turning point in Australia’s views of migration as Australia thought necessary they make an impact in the new world order. Since then migration policies of cultural discrimination such as the ‘White Australia Policy’ and the ‘Ten Pound Pom’ have been abolished in the making of modern Australia.

European immigration
Australia set out on an aspiring 'populate or perish ' plan to welcome immigration after the war. This program was one of many policies formed in hope to foster economic growth, increase Australia’s population significantly and protect Australia from external threat. The Department of Immigration was formally established on 13 July 1945 to plan, organise and execute an ambitious programme of immigration for Australia. The minister of Immigration, Arthur Calwell set out on a mission to encourage migrants from Britain and war-ravaged Europe. Initially, Calwell’s plan mainly allowed for British migrants to resettle in Australia as Australia was still eager to be British influenced. Calwell gave a speech during the Commonwealth Parliamentary Debates in November 1946 highlighting this plans for Australian immigration:
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