Australia 's A Positive Impact On Aboriginal And Non Aboriginal Relationships

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The reconciliation movement in Australia has had a positive impact on the Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal relationships overall as apposed to the BEE in South Africa which has not managed to receive the same positive outcome.

Reconciliation is the action of restoring relations after arguments (,2014). Reconciliation in Australia’s about the respect and unity between non-indigenous Australians and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander groups and is about the respect for the Indigenous people and valuing the justice and equality for all Australians (,2014).
The reconciliation movement began with the referendum in 1967 where ninety per cent of Australians voted to remove clauses discriminating against Indigenous Australians from the Australian Constitution (,2014). The significance of the referendum was to allow the Federal Government of that time with clear mandates to implement policies which would benefit the Aboriginal people, but real change only started to occur five years later as a result of very strong activism (,2014). The Aboriginal people established the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in 1972 on the Federal Parliament building’s lawn to express their distaste about the lack of progress that was being made on racial discrimination issues and land rights (,2014). Although there have been some improvements on the land rights, Indigenous people were mostly…

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