Australia Tourism Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… However, the key factors which concern marketers most include: buying power and the distribution of income within the population.

Australia is a prosperous nation. At the end of 2000, Australia had benefited from nine years of uninterrupted economic growth, it economy had grown considerably faster than the average for developed countries over this period. The issues of economic growth can further develop
Australian tourist industry. Information from the case to tell us that international tourism is a growth business for Australia. By 2003 it was expected the international visitor arrivals would be 87% higher than they were in 1993.

Natural – it shows four major trends: shortages of certain raw materials, increased costs of energy, higher pollution levels, and more government intervention in natural resources management.

The Australian government tries to achieve economic growth without damaging the natural environment, two key issues have arisen in
Australia – dryland salinity and water scarcity. Australia is a dry continent in which water scarcity is worsened by climate. The
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Of vast size amazing natural wealth, awesome scenery, exotic plant and animal life, and cosmopolitan cities. Australia’s climate and the fact that it is driest continent on earth makes it a fabulous holiday destination all year around. One of USA magazines, namely “Travel and
Leisure World Magazine” of July 12 2004 select Sydney as World’s best travel destinations

In the survey result from Australian government about Hong Kong
Visitor analysis by purpose of visit are education and employment.
For holiday, business, visiting friends and relatives all decrease.
In order to attract more families, business tourism, matures and young singles, offer a lower price during peak season by effectiveness of adverting campaigns and promotion in generating more Asian, including:

· Australia and Singapore have established a Joint Tourism Council that will aim to increase international arrivals to both Australia and Singapore from key markets through a co-operative partnership between the Australian Tourist Commission and the Singapore Tourism Board.

· Most key operators selling Australia have developed websites providing product information, special deals, travel clubs

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