Australia There Is No National Law Regarding Abortion Essay

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In Australia there is no national law regarding abortion. Rather it is handled at a state level with grounds on which it is legal varies from state to state. In every state in Australia a legal abortion is only allowed to ‘protect the life and health of the women’ (Children By Choice, 2016). In addition to this, not one law in Australia recognises the consent of a women’s partner.
4.1 Queensland:
It is made clear the laws current in Queensland are no the most appropriate approach in solving the issue of abortion. It is very inconsistent and confuses women as to what the best approach to take to receiving an abortion is. Unlike New South Wales Queensland does not take into consideration the women’s mental and physical health, specifically economic health and social pressures. However, If not gaining an abortion is a threat to the mother’s health, Queensland legislation will allow this procedure. The Government have made these provisions within Queensland so that mothers will stop using abortion as a form of contraception and so that basic human rights have been upheld.
In Queensland Abortions provisions are currently under the Criminal Code Act 1899. It is defined as unlawful and a woman can be criminally prosecuted for accessing an abortion meaning a criminal record will be held against individual women for perusing in an action they believe will benefit their current circumstances. The purpose of the law by criminalising women to choose abortions is due to basic human…

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