Australia Is The Smallest Continent Essay

1569 Words Apr 18th, 2016 null Page
Australia is the smallest continent. Most people these days’ associate Kangaroos, and the pop artist, Iggy Azealia to the country. I myself was guilty of that until I had a conversation with someone from the Oceanic country and became enlightened. In order for the employees to enter or leave the Magic Kingdom, they have to get brought in by a company authorized bus, unless you are one of the very few that has been granted gate access. As I sat on the bus, to head back to my car after a long day of work, I scanned the nametags. It was a normal habit of mine. The company often puts people’s hometown, or college under the person’s name, I noticed that there was a girl from Australia sitting diagonal from me. I automatically remembered that I had a Global Learning Assignment due soon, and thought, “this might be a great opportunity to get to gain perspective of Australia from a native.” I got up, and switched seats over next to her. I introduced myself, and explained to her that I was going to school, and had a paper to write. I told her a bit about my assignment. She introduced herself as Samantha. She was eighteen, and was working at The Walt Disney Company on a visa under the college program. She told me that she had heard about the program while in school. She was in law school, and took the semester off to basically study abroad in the states in order to gain an inside perspective of how corporate America runs their business’ from the bottom up. I, of course wondered if she…

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