Australia Is An Amazing Country Essay

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Australia is an amazing country, with a rich artistic, musical, and spiritual heritage. The traditions set forth by Australians are some of the oldest and strongest traditions known in history. In the late 1700’s the Australian population experienced a growth, as did their economy with the colonization of Europeans. Many Indigenous Australians were greatly affected by introduction of diseases and conflict, conflict that steamed from Europeans taking the Indigenous Australians land. As time passes so did the conflict the gold rush, and agricultural industries brought hope, money, and a new way of life for many. But in the 21st century the issues that continue to face Australians are Education, a poor Health Care system, Marriage and Employment inequality, Religion and the ever growing issue of Environmental and Socio-economic prosperity.
The education system in Australia has faced many bumps in the road, some of those bumps are the fierce budget cuts within school, and the high cost of education. When researching the topic of education in Australia, I came across a young man by the name of Andy Sun a former student, who referred to the Australian education system as a joke. And it’s safe to say he’s right “policymakers in Australia ensure a more equitable allocation of school resources between Indigenous students and their non-Indigenous peers (Steve Song, 2009) . “ The largely inequality of Indigenous and non-Indigenous students has lead to the lack…

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