Australi The Country Of Australia Essay

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There are few better vacation destinations than the beautiful Country of Australia. With its white sandy beaches and blue water calling and the vast culture to experience there is no reason not to go. Unless you are scared of some of the deadliest spiders, snakes, and sharks in the world along with many other venomous or creepy crawly things. The continent and country of Australia is huge and has a very interesting history and by far very different from any other country in the world. The food is different, the people are unique, and the Kangaroos are everywhere. On May Thirteenth, Seventeen Hundred Eighty-Seven Captain Arthur Phillip set sail with the first group of English convicts and others to settle Australia. They were the first of many ships of convicts to be placed in Australia for the crimes of anything from stealing bread to murder. Great Britain was not the first or the last country to send their people to settle in this land down under. Long before the English, Aboriginals now known as Australia’s native people settled the land anywhere from forty to sixty thousand years ago. Having supposedly traveled from Asia these people were a hunter gathering people. Between the time they arrived and the English settled several different countries fell upon this country while exploring such as Portugal, Spain, and the Dutch. (history)In current years the country is very civilized,” the form of government at the national level corresponds largely with the British…

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