Australi A Multicultural Nation Essay

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At 30th of June 2006, there were 6,901 Indigenous prisoners in Australia. Representing %24 percent of the total prisoner population. Nine out of ten indigenous prisoners (91%) were male. ABS 2006. Considering the Indigenous peoples of Australia make up 2% of the total population, these statistics are particular confronting.
“I had spent some time in the outback, but to meet Aboriginals and work with them was wonderful. It gave me a great appreciation of how tough life is and about the indomitable spirit that the Aboriginal people have always possessed” - Hugh Jackman
In Australia there are two distinct cultural spaces, Indigenous and non-Indigenous. This does seem somewhat confronting considering Australia is portrayed as a “Multicultural Nation”. Australia’s historical skirmish between Indigenous and non-Indigenous has created a distinctive cultural divide between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. The Indigenous cultural space has not effectively existed Australia wide since 1788. Indigenous peoples essentially live in a fictional cultural space which prevents them from conforming to modern-day culture and returning to their original culture. This state of limbo has many Aborigines wondering where they belong, after being oppressed for many centuries and not having the education required to fight in more traditional forms of communication, for example a court of law; many Indigenous peoples have turned to unconventional forms of communication such as poetry to…

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