Australi A Future Superpower Essay

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Australia: A Future Superpower The smallest continent halfway across the world from its political allies is setting its place in the world. Through its strong economy and military position Australia is an ever growing superpower. Australia 's diverse environment provides a wide variety of resources that protect them from foreign dependence. The 6th largest country in the world has an economic growth of 3% annually. Australia is a primary member of the leading military alliance on the planet. Australia is one of the most traded with countries in the world. It will continue to grow from a military and economic position and become one of the world 's greatest superpowers. The Aborigine was the first to arrive in Australia more than 40,000 years ago. The Aborigine is described as a nomadic hunter-gatherer and still to this day lives in Australia. Captain James Cook of the British Royal Navy embarked on Australia and for more than four months he traveled the bay from north to south, documenting the lands being fertile during the 1770 's. However, the British were not the first to discover Australia. The Dutch explored Australia several times but deemed it to have doubtful value. Once the British started the settlement of Australia they were faced with many battles against the Aborigine. Even though they fought regularly it was the flu that took the lives of many Aborigines. That sent them, for the most part, back to the mainland of Australia. Then the British…

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