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Current Issues in Education
Debra Austin
EDL 807/History and Politics of K-12 Education
October 22, 2014

Current Issues in Education
There are a number of critical issues and controversies in K-12 education today. While there is always room for improvement, the federal and state education departments are continuously developing plans and mandates to make necessary changes. In America, education is available to all, no matter ability or disability or socioeconomic status. The public education system in the United States allows people of diverse backgrounds to come together. However, the educational system in America also suffers many problems, and some believe the quality of education is declining. It is
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The benchmark scores still exist, but learning is tracked as a student progresses. State and district levels create tools through the use of technology to track progress in different skill areas. The ultimate goal of the common core standards is to graduate students who are ready to attend college or begin their career, and to be successful at it (Darling-Hammond, Wilhoit, and Pittenger, 2014). Because learning is based on progression rather than a comparison of all students, the achievement gap among students in poverty and those not in poverty is not as noticeable. Students are able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills on performance based assessments, and teachers are to adjust their instruction based on the students’ demonstration of understanding (Darling-Hammond, Wilhoit, and Pittenger, 2014). Because students are living in a global world, the use of technology to complete these tasks and be assessed is on the rise.
Social Media Students today live in a global society. Many students rely on multiple forms of technology in school, as well as at home. Most of their technology use is based on social interaction. It is the position of the schools, through the common core standards, to create meaning for students through the use of technology for learning. Additionally, when students are provided access to technology through the school system, it further closes the gap between

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