Auschwitz : The Concentration Camp Essay

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In Poland, only a few miles away from the city Oswiecim, was the location of the largest death camp during WWII. The camp is known as Auschwitz. It is estimated that around three million to four million people were slaughtered there (Auschwitz-Birkenau: History & Overview). Auschwitz is recognized as the most horrendous concentration camp created by Nazi Germany. The people in the Auschwitz concentration camp were given cruel and unusual punishment in the living conditions they suffered through, how they were experimented on, and the ways they were executed. In September 1939, Rudolf Hoss wanted to create a concentration camp specifically for experimentation and extermination. “Auschwitz was located at the center crossroads of many Polish cities, and therefore, was an ideal location for shipping the incoming prisoners from Germany that occupied Europe" (Auschwitz: The Camp of Death 1). The Nuremberg Laws made it easy for the Germans to take prisoners. The laws prevented the Jews to marry anybody that was not a Jew. Also, the law stated any person with Jewish grandparents to be classified as a Jew (Caestecker, Frank). The Nuremberg laws, if broken, placed Jews and non-Jewish people in the concentration camp where they were experimented on and treated vilely. Auschwitz was separated into three sections where the prisoners would live and work. Auschwitz I was the smallest section of the camp and also contained the central office. The central office was the control center…

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