Essay on Auschwitz : The Concentration Camp And Death Camp

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Auschwitz was built by the Nazis as both a concentration camp and death camp. It was the largest of the Nazi 's camps and the biggest killing center ever created. In Auschwitz, 1.1 million people were murdered. It became a symbol of death during the Holocaust and the destruction of European Jewish population. (Rosenberg, J. n.d.) Auschwitz included three main camps, all of which forced prisoners into labor. One of the camps also worked for an extended period of time as a killing center. ( The first part of Auschwitz was built on the outskirts of Poland and was started in May, 1940 and finished in June, 1940. ( Auschwitz 1 was also called Stammlager. Over the main gate stood a sign that said "Arbeit Macht Frei" or “Work Makes One Free.” ( Auschwitz 2, also known as Auschwitz Birkenau was opened in March, 1941. ( Birkenau served as a labor camp and as the center for the fast killing of Jews. Birkenau had several extermination facilities and crematoriums. There were 4 gas chambers in the camp that used Zyklon B gas. The camp functioned as a factory for mass murder, receiving victims from all over Europe. Most of the people brought to the camp were immediately sent to gas chambers. Only a small amount were selected for labor in…

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