Aunt Miles And Yvonne Miles Essay

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I asked my maternal grandparents Ronnie Miles and Yvonne Miles about their experiences and what they thought about the changing times and how they reacted to major events in the past.

M=Yvonne Miles ("Mimi")

P=Ronnie Miles ("Papaw")

Do you know anything about the Great Depression time period?

M) “Mother talked about it. The food was rationed. You had to stand in bread lines, gas lines. How mad it was. People out of work. Couldn’t find work. It affected rich and poor. Some of the rich lost stuff too. You’ll find out Papaw is pretty opinionated.”

P) “You had people staying with their relatives. You had people who would go out and plow up potatoes in the field. People would dig through the dirt for roots of the potatoes to cook. People who had a little house out in the country and could farm were better off. People in the city struggled. The Dust Bowl was bad, but those people could have migrated east instead of west. What caused the depression? People buying stock on the stock market on margin. It got to the point where the companies couldn’t keep up with it.”

Who served in the armed forces in your family during WW2, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and Iraq?

M) Uncle Cleveland Killough, Uncle Ney Killough, Uncle Rey Killough fought in World War 2. Rey was a marine, Cleveland was in the army, and Ney was a navy. Cleveland messed up one of his eyes, his vision got worse with age. I can’t think of anyone who fought for Korea, maybe someone on mom’s side of the family, I…

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