Aunt Leanne: My Role Model

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Imagine sipping coffee, touching base with four kids, feeding 4 dogs, calling to businesses to check if everything is okay, and then starting the day not knowing what is in mind. My aunt Leanne started her business when she was 23. Leanne suffered from endometriosis when she was really young and she ended up having four kids. She also has 4 dogs. My role model is my aunt Leanne because she is very determined, highly successful, and family oriented.
One of the main reasons why Aunt Leanne is my role model is because she is determined. She borrowed money to open up her daycare after she saw how other day cares functioned and she did not like the way things were run. Whenever she was younger, she used to work for a daycare and she had a lot of
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She invites our family over for Sunday dinners weekly. For the family dinners, it's not just pizza. She cooks delicious meals for our family every single week. Another big deal that aunt Leanne makes is having family over for holidays. Normally, our immediate family and some others come over to celebrate every almost holiday and some other occasions such as the super bowl.This takes a lot of planning however, she has a pretty big house that she needs to clean when people come over so if she has people over every week, that is a lot of cleaning. In a world sealed off by technology, my aunt still thinks about the necessity of family being together.
Without a doubt, Aunt Leanne is an amazing role model for me. Her determination, successfulness, and family orienting mind state should be admired. My aunt lives a very fortunate life. She doesn't just throw away her money. As a matter of fact, she spends it wisely and does not gloat about it. Another great thing about her is that she doesn't just touch our families but she also impacts those around her and especially in her day care. She is a wonderful role model for the day care. Anyone that enters the doors should notice how good of a role model she is and the should be

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