Augustus Of The Roman Empire Essay

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Augustus, originally known as Gaius Julius Octavius was born on September 23, 63 B.C. His father was Gaius Octavius and his mother was Atia. His uncle was the well- known Julius Caesar who later took Augustus under his wing and trained him to be a successor (Fagan, par. 4-5). Augustus was one known for his achievements as a Roman leader. He ruled from 31 B.C. to 14 A.D. He was considered to be one of the best rulers because during his tenure he: expanded the territory of the Roman Empire, created a period of prosperity in Rome, and successfully administered Rome, the rest of Italy, and the provinces. Augustus was well known for the expansion of the Roman Empire under his rule. Before Augustus the Roman Empire included: Rome, Italy, and the Provinces. The Provinces were divided into two groups: people controlled under the senate (senatorial) and people controlled under the emperor (imperial). The Provinces also had the presence of an army and a military governor (Morey, par. 11). Throughout and until the end of Augustus’s rule the Roman Empire conquered and expanded their empire from the Rhine and Danube in the north to the Atlantic Ocean on the west, Arabia in the Middle East and the Sahara in North Africa on the South and almost to the Euphrates on the East (Morey, par. 13). The two ethnicities that jeopardized the security of the Roman Empire were the Parthians and the Germans. He recovered the Parthians without war or any battle. In an article named Emperor Augustus, it…

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