Augustus: A Brief Biography Of Agustus

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Augustus was born in the early morning on the twenty-third of September 63BCE. His family was a wealthy equestrian family and his father, Gaius Octavius, was a senator, but he only lived until Augustus was 4, when he died on the way home from Macedonia. At 16, Augustus donned the toga of manhood, and he began to take on the responsibilities of a man, and he was honored with military reward from his uncle, Caesar, despite his never having fought any battles because of his youth. Soon after, Augustus began to travel with his uncle, going to Spain with him, and increasing his uncle’s attachment to him. After his venture to Spain, Caesar devoted himself to his studies in Apollonia, where he received word that Caesar had been brutally murdered. With this news also came the declaration that he had been pronounced heir to caesar. Augustus pondered whether to appeal to nearby legions for some time, but decided against it, and returned to Rome where he claimed his inheritance and took on armies, thus taking control of the state. Augustus, now in power, felt it was his duty to avenge the saying of his dear uncle; therefore he set out against those who were responsible for Julius Caesar’s death. he planned first to surprise Brutus and Cassius by fighting against them, but Marcus Antony, who at the time was a member of the consul, opposed these plans. Infuriated, Augustus formulated a plan. After receiving advice from the aristocrats, who he know despised Antony, …show more content…
He gained power and maintained his ruling. In his reign, he took control of Egypt, lessening it to a mere province. Additionally, he was able to prevent various revolts throughout the land. Augustus continued to win the favor of the people, taking the affections of the soldiers with gift, the people with food and necessities, and the men with peace throughout the

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