Summary Of Augustine's Existence Of God

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Augustine asserts that despite being the most intelligent being God created, Man’s speech and intellect are inadequate in explaining or understanding God’s essence. However, Augustine quotes Book of Wisdom, Psalms, and Prophet Isaiah when asserting that those who believe in God do not seek Him in vain. Those who seek God will find Him and find joy in the process. Augustine insists further that the search for God is continual process. After establishing the value of studying God, Augustine then discusses what is known of God’s Trinitarian nature through reason and The Holy Scripture.
After establishing why believers should seek God, Augustine summarizes what he has already discussed in previous book about the Trinity. In book one, he asserts
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Augustine argues that the universe exclaims that glory of an excellent creator! God has given us minds to reason and understand that he exists. Since he is the creator of all things, Man can know that He cannot die, cannot change, is omniscient, does not have a body, is all powerful, is most righteous, and more.
Augustine argues to what extent man can know God through reason. Man can know God through himself because he bears the image of God. Augustine argues that Man’s inward qualities such as understanding, memory, and love points to God’s Trinitarian. However, love is not understanding, understanding is not memory, and memory is not love. These observations point to the Trinity. The mind uses memory to remember himself. However, he points out that this analogy has
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All three persons come from the same essence of God equally. For example, all three persons are love and no person loves more than another person. When one speaks of one of God’s qualities, he speaks of God Himself. All three persons are their quality and of their quality. Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the light.” And again, Holy Scriptures say Christ is called “the power of God, and the wisdom of God.” The Son is wisdom of wisdom in the same way he is light of light, God of God. While speaking of the Trinity as a whole, Augustine discusses the uniqueness of each person—particularly the Word/God the Son and the Holy

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