Augustine 's Confessions Theme And Spiritual Growth Essay

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I feel like Augustine’s Confessions theme was spiritual growth. As an infant he recalls that his mother’s milk was from God that is a necessary nutrient needed for growth, nourishment, and development. Augustine was able to recount that everything happens because of God. He confesses his wrongdoings, sins, and acknowledged that He was behind it all. The root causes of all things that happen are on account of God. Augustine declared, “Thus, You brought good for me out of those who did ill, and justly punished me for the ill I did myself. So You have ordained and so it is: that every disorder of the soul is its own punishment.” This statement is implying those who did me wrong will have to answer to Him, and He punishes me for my wrong doings. I have to answer to God when I have done wrong and He deals with each child of His consequently.
Augustine initially trusted in a cult and believed in Manichaeanism, which is a “dualistic religion that that resembled early Christianity in emphasizing the life of the mind and the drive toward increasing spiritual purity,” according to Norton. There are many different religions such as Buddhism, Catholic, Pentecostal, and Baptist that are practiced daily but the most common one is Christianity. I believe that He died for our sins so that we could live. Upon being baptized years ago, they ask the questions before going to the water about what God does and who He is.
Early on Augustine knew of God and was able to address it for…

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