Augustine Medical Case Study Essay

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The Bair Hugger Patient Warming System is marketed to hospitals in the United States. It is a device that has been designed specifically to treat hypothermia which many patients suffer from after operations. The Warming system is composed of two elements; there is a heater/blower unit and disposable warming covers. The ultimate problem facing Augustine Medical, Inc. is how to price theses two components of the product and how to position it compared to its competitors. There are many substitutes available for hospitals to treat and prevent hypothermia. However, there are many disadvantages to the variety of other devices which virtually treat the same condition. Augustine Medical believes that their product is superior to
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The main users of this product are businesses – hospitals. Hospitals will always be provided with the funds necessary to prevent hypothermia and other diseases, so the demand will be common.

Interviews with physicians and nurses, followed by a demonstration of the system, returned a variety of responses. Respondents believed that the humanitarian ethic to make the patient feel more comfortable is important. Respondents also felt that the Bair Hugger Patient Warming System would speed recovery for postoperative patients. They believed that the pressure to move patients through the operating room and out of postoperative is greater than in the past. Efficiency is the byword. Capital expenditures in hospitals were subject to budget committee approval. Although the amounts varied, expenditures for equipment over $1,500 were typically subject to a formal review and decision process.



Bair Hugger Patient Warming System is designed to control the body temperature of patients after surgery. Specifically the products is designed to treat hypothermia (a condition defined as a body temperature of less than 36 degrees Centigrade or 96 degrees Fahrenheit) experienced by patients after operations.

The Bair Hugger system consists of a heater/blower unit and a separate inflatable plastic/paper cover, or blanket. There are many advantages of this product.


The Blair Hugger Patient Warming System would be sold by and

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