Essay about Auguste Comte As A Liberal Philosopher

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After evaluating all of the founders of sociology in chapter one, I agree with Auguste Comte. Auguste Comte is a liberal philosopher. His theory is positivism, Positivism is based off of the scientific method. Positivism consists of three stages, Theological, Metaphysical, and Positive. I agree with Auguste Comte rather than the other founders of sociology because positivism is the pure, positive facts rather than speculation. In other words, pure scientific thinking and observing. The more something can be explained the more believable the argument will be. Positivism contains more science than religion. More science than religion means that positivism relies on observation of people and how they socialize. Auguste Comte is a founder of positivism, which means he believes the social world can be described and predicted by certain observable relationships, According to the sociology book. I have three reasons why I agree with Auguste Comte.
The first reason I agree with Auguste Comte is the natural laws that apply to society. For example, Gravity. All people know gravity is the force that holds everything down on earth, gravity can be replaced with social and brought into the perspectives of the people. The social chain of the natural law to bring something forward is one of Comte’s ideas. His three stages of positivism helps sociologists figure out how to help their patient, Theologically, Metaphysically, and positively. Theologically is a belief in supernatural beings…

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