August Pullman

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The story is about a kid named August Pullman who has a type of mandibulofacial dysostosis and hemifacial microsomia because of a multifactorial inheritance. He has a sister named Olivia (but they call her Via), Daisy their dog, and August’s parents. He has been homeschooled because of the surgeries to fix his face until he was old enough to be in fifth grade. His parents enrolled in a school called Beecher Prep and brought Auggie to school for a tour around the school. He gets to meet the principal, Mr. Tushman, and met another teacher Ms. Rubin. They talk for a very little time, and then some kids show him around the school. The kids’ names were Charlotte, Julian, and Jack. August is shy around them, and they don’t really care so they keep …show more content…
After a few months, he finally goes to school and became a social outcast for a while and only had Jack as a friend. He met a girl named Summer at lunch and also became friends sitting next to her every day during the school year. He has a teacher named Mr. Browne that had precepts for every month to be nice with one of them “When there is a choice to a kind or right, choose kind.” He also started a plague if you got touched by Auggie you would have the plague. He only had two friends for a long time. Until Halloween, everyone was fine with him, and he heard Jack talk about him to some of his friends. He was devastated and went home sick. That was the end of Auggie’s chapter and his sister Via’s chapter begins. She thought Auggie was like the sun and everyone else was planets orbiting around him. She says that she gets pushed aside by August and his needs she was ok with that. She also talks about her grandma that she was the only one that puts her first, but she dies after she spent time with her when Via was little. Via also has some issues in school as well with Miranda, and Ella, her former best friend stopped really talking to her. She was confused when Auggie came home sick on Halloween because it was his favorite

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