August Heat By W Illiam Fryer Harvey, The Dangerous Sides Of Coincidences

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People say that life is full of remarkable connections, but some coincidences are more dangerous than others. In “August Heat” by W illiam Fryer Harvey, the more dangerous sides of coincidences are shown. This chilling horror story shows how one’s mind can create a reasonable fears when faced with a horrific coincidence. The dark story takes place on August 20 in England in a summer heat that is enough to make a man go mad. In “August Heat” the use of setting, foreshadowing, and the first person view creates an impact of horror and suspense that leaves the reader wondering what will happen next.
The first key point of “August Heat” is setting. The setting of the story is extremely important to the impact of the story. It takes place in England on the 20th of
August, and it is an extremely hot day. The characters seem captivated by the heat, because it enveloped them all. “The room, though the doors and windows were open, was oppressively hot”. This is one example of how the setting, summertime, effects the story. Because it is summer time, it is very hot, hence why the heat is so high and almost unbearable. The heat itself is also very important to the story. Throughout the entire story the narrator speaks about the extreme heat in the town of Clapham. The last words of the story are”the heat is stifling. It is enough to send a man mad”. The description of the heat makes the story come alive. It enables the reader to feel more immersed in the story because they story is not…

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