Audi's Three Steps to a Winning Crm Strategy Essay example

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Case Studies, CS-21-2550
E. Thompson, A. Bona

Research Note
14 January 2004

Audi's Three Steps to a Winning CRM Strategy
This case study shows how Audi takes reactive, proactive and selective approaches to customer relationship management. It believes its three-step strategy will create lasting ties with customers.

Core Topic
Customer Relationship Management:
Creating Business Value for CRM
Key Issue
What is a CRM strategy, and how does it relate to and integrate with other enterprise business strategies, processes and operations? Audi is a leading manufacturer in the prestige automobile market.
In 2002 it produced more than 735,000 cars, generating revenue of over 22.6 billion euros. Audi is part of the
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Contact between Audi

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and its customers is often a result of negative experiences like repairs and maintenance. There is often difficulty in convincing dealers that it would be worth their while to give valuable customer data back to the manufacturer.
Objective: Audi sees CRM as a strategic marketing discipline for systematically acquiring and retaining customers. It is taking a long-term approach to CRM in that, at any one moment, it is involved with between 30 and 50 different projects around the world. This case study looks at the results of some of the first 50 projects. Audi's approach can be summarized using Gartner's Eight
Building Blocks of CRM Framework (see "The Eight

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