Audience Analysis : Usa Is A Non Profit International Student Exchange Organization

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Audience Analysis - SEE-USA
In May of 2012, I was an intern at Sakura Educational Exchange USA (SEE-USA). SEE-USA is a non-profit international student exchange organization that seeks to promote culture exchange between the United States and Japan. SEE-USA helps Japanese high school students learn about American culture by allowing students to visit the Amish and spend one day in an American high school. During these visits, the Japanese students spread Japanese culture to the American community by teaching children origami.
At SEE-USA, I assisted staff by organizing vocabulary lists and generating multiple copies of song booklets. These booklets provide the necessary program for staff to successfully lead a group of Japanese high school students in learning traditional American songs. The organization consists of a President, few workers, and several cultural assistants. The president oversees the whole program. The workers coordinate with the Japanese high schools and create a schedule for the students. The Culture Assistants guide the Japanese high school students when they are in America. The instruction below benefit SEE-USA because they take many pictures for students, and it takes time and money to print photos out and sent them back to their school. With Google Drive, pictures are automatically shared with their school allowing school officials and students to view them within seconds.

Instruction for Uploading and Sharing on Google Drive…

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