Essay on Audience Analysis : Interview On Interviewer

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Audience analysis

The interviewee 's audience is the interviewer. To conduct the interview on interviewer performed by interviewee, it is important to understand the needs and the attitude of the interviewer, the person who represents the company and wants to find the best candidate for the job. It is important to keep in mind that the interviewers might have their hands tied up by human resources, they want to hire somebody who fits within the team at the workplace while trying to understand what the interviewee be like to manage. Interviewers need a help from interviewee to see why the hiring process should be successful. The interviewee must understand that interviewers will not always express everything they really think while wondering what the potential candidates are not telling them (Lievens & Peeters 2008). Another attitude of the interviewers is based on difficulty to reject people as they are aware how big impact it has on candidates ' lives.

Communication goals

The communication goal of active listening is to become in tune with the interviewer by focusing on hearing and comprehending the interviewer (Pearson, Nelson, Titsworth & Harter 2006). This behaviour shows the interest in valuing the interviewer 's time and leads towards building trust and rapport. The active listening minimizes the interrogation and turns the interview into communication between two intelligent people with the goal of self-discovery to experience the positivity about the job…

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