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2. Why do companies such as Audi use testimonials as part of their marketing strategy, and why did Audi use Justin Timberlake for the A1’s ‘The Next Big Thing’ promotion?
Testimonials are also known as sources, usually involving a person that is highly likeable and believable, who endorses a brand or product. Testimonials, or endorsements, are getting common, and it is not the first time automobile engage celebrities; such as Roger Federer for Mercedes Benz (Mercedes-Benz USA 2014), Jackie Chan for Mitsubushi (Orlove 2014) and many more.

The appropriate celebrity when used aptly can become a powerful branding device. The more obvious benefit for using celebrities is that their popularity can build brand awareness and entice new
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E-marketing poses certain structural barriers as business models that succeed in one country may not work well in another:

The first barrier that Audi will face is language difference. Majority of the content on the Internet is English, and it is deemed as the common language in business. However, there is still a large part of users who are not proficient in that. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to purchase products on sites that speak their native tongue (Encyclopedia 2014). Even so, attempts to localize web content achieve partial success due to wholesale usage of translation software that lack recognition.

Another common barrier will be culture. To be familiarized with the local market through the Internet is highly unlikely. In high-context societies, such as economically advanced Japan, physical personal transactions and business relationships contribute greatly to transactions and production loyalty. Moreover, although Timberlake is famous and credible in US, this is not the case in other countries. Hence, customer satisfaction in those countries cannot rely on online viral campaigns, rational evaluation or testimonials. Additionally, colors, symbols and contexts can vary greatly in each culture hence marketers should be sensitive and attentive. Lastly, in certain countries, credit card for online shopping penetration is low, unlike United States (Encyclopedia 2014). Therefore, when tackling certain markets, Audi has to be

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