Audacity Of Sincerity In Pop Culture

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The Audacity of Sincerity
I 'm being sincere here, I promise; but the thought of blazing a trail of sincerity in a world that is accustomed to lies is an audacious move that requires stern commitment. I have wondered time and time again that how did we get to the point where manipulation has become the norm; sincerity and irony have almost become synonymous. On the part of the pop artistes, I see a conundrum of insincerity that is necessitated by an audience that has developed “itchy ears” for anything authentic. The artistes have now become seeker-friendly; movies, music and other works of art are presented to align with the usual practice of manipulation that suits the taste of a postmodern generation. Irony and deception have been so entrenched in our system to the extent that “when someone doesn’t fabricate feeling for the sake of artistic purpose – we misread the motive” (C. Klosterman 229). It is thus becoming clearer by the day that anyone (artiste) who will dare to consistently give offerings that is authentic must be ready to be a lone ranger in the
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We are in a generation that would prefer a song that talks about living forever on this earth over a song that addresses the certainty of death. Obvious realities are wrapped up in lies and they are making big sales simply because it is the interest of the majority. Young people want the pleasure of daydreaming that is inspired by sarcastic songs and they will stop at nothing to indulge their craving for fantasy even to the detriment of their academic pursuit as long as their emotions are massaged. Insincerity is selling like hot cakes because people see it as avenue to hide (forget) their responsibilities and pain

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