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LASA 2: Effects of Stress
Angie Rodriguez
Physiological Psychology | PSY350 A03
Faculty: Courtney McKinney
November 3, 2014

As stress we all know is a normal physical response to events that give us the feeling of threatned or a unbalance in the mind. Whether, it is danger we fear or if it is real living events the way the body reacts to stress it automatically high gears in a fast, way that it process what we recall as
“fight-or-fight” the way reaction is towards stress. Stressors are agents that up lift the body of stress. Several techniques are utilized to lowrer stressor which are enactive, proactive, and reactive. The way the body response to stress means this is the way the body protects us from fear.
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5. Describe three behavioural strategies that you could implement to reduce the effects of this stressor. Explain how each behavior could cause changes in brain physiology (for example, exercise can rise serotonin levels).
The technique of stress management needs to be first of able to understand the condition and where it begins. The four types of stressors are common in all work places today: this means time, encounter, situational, and anticipatory stressors. Generally, time stressors happen with the situation I am dealing with today having too much or too little time. This ends up in the outcome of lack over work or too much work. This is why this is the most caused emphasis of stress in todays every day life. Time we want to have kept, buy it, save it, mark it, waste it, spend it, sell it, and make time. The strategies of stress are as follows:
I. Stress Elimination- Enactive Strategies
II. The Development Resiliency-Proactive Strategies
III. Temporary Stress-Reduction Techniques-Reactive Strategies
Enactive Strategies: to manage stress you must manage stressors and lower them with enactive strategies. The techniques used to get rid of stressors are time management, goal setting, and small wins. Time stressors can be let go of with the effectiveness of time management. Managing time effectively involves people spending more of their time on the imporrtant

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