Essay on Attribution Process

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Attribution process

McShane & Glinow (2008) have proposed attribution process, a different perceptual activity, helps us interpret the world around us. The attribution process involved deciding whether an observed behavior or event is caused largely by internal or by external factors. The perceptual process of deciding whether an observed behavior or event is largely caused by internal or external factors. As Luthans (2008) said, attribution refers simply to how people explain the cause of another’s or their own behavior. There are two general types of attributions that people make: dispositional attributions, which ascribe a person’s behavior to internal factors such as personality traits, motivation, or ability, and
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Fundamentals attribution error
Is happen when people observe and then judge the negative actions of other or means tendency to attribute the behavior of other people more internal than to external factors or other people who is fail in their work they will blame other people. They won’t blame other people. This also can explain as people will blame other people behavior such as personal factors. This error is most visible when people explain the behavior of others. For example, if students go to class late, lecturer will think the students over slept or lazy more than external external factors such as traffic jam or vehicles is break.

They have few examples to reduce errors effect which is depend the situation isn’t it most of the people behave the same way when put in the same situation. If yes, then the situation is more likely to be caused of the behavior. Looking the situation more clearly when you think what kind of the person. For examples, you go to a restaurant to take lunch , you found the waitress is taking rude to you, you will think she is a bad waitress but didn’t know actually the waitress is a nice and friendly person but today she boy friend left her go for another girl and the girl is her best friend. At the same time she lost her boy friend and her best friend. So we cannot think what kind of the people is based on the situation you know.

Self-Serving bias
Self-serving bias is describe

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