Attraction : How Do You Find A Life Long Partner? Essay example

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Attraction: How do we find a life-long partner?
For General Psychology: PSYC2301 Dr. Susan Cruise
Rebecca Garcia
Tarrant County College
December 7, 2014


Relationships are connections formed universally, they link individuals according to certain preferences and factors, whether its friendship or romance. These relationships play a vital role in socializing which ultimately leads to a long healthy life, especially if you are seeking a partner. The philosophy behind forming relationships is rather interesting yet predictable. Many of us may have an idea of how relationships are formed, but I want to discuss in depth on how, what, and why individuals like you and I, pursue relationships to our satisfaction. There are two main theories, evolutionary theory and social role theory, which will later guide us when determining the factors of attraction. (Noam Shpancer, 2014)
Keywords: relationships, preference, attraction, evolutionary theory, social role theory

What causes us to talk to the friends we do? To blurt out comments about one’s attractiveness, (or unattractiveness)? It’s a question we all do not come across, ultimately because we do not take the time to realize that attraction has a lot of factors that vary from person to person. Although the opinions differ, the concept in general of what individuals seek in a relationship are the same. Whether it be similarity, physical appearance, familiarity, or personality we hold…

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