Attorneys Are Bound By The Laws Of Ethics Essay

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Attorneys are bound by the laws of ethics. Law students spend countless hours studying what they may and may not do when representing their clients. However, real-world application presents far more dilemmas than those discussed in a classroom. Rudy Baylor, the star of the film The Rainmaker, gets a dose of reality as he enters the legal profession right after law school. Rudy is a young, unemployed lawyer desperate for a job. Without any connections to prestigious law firms, he is forced to accept his first offer from J. Lyman "Bruiser" Stone, fraudulent and just all-around shady personal injury attorney. Rudy soon meets Deck Shiffler, a self-proclaimed “a paralawyer”, with some certainly unethical tactics. Rudy begins to accompany Deck on his ambulance chasing endeavors and the ethical “slippery slope” begins. The Verdict is a film centered on the prosecution medical malpractice case of a young woman. Frank Galvin, the prosecutor of the case, spends his days wasting away at the bar as opposed to preparing for his case. As the court date rapidly approaches, he is forced to make some compromising choices in an effort to serve his client justice. As he learns the tricks of the trade from Deck, Rudy is forced to stoop to ambulance chasing. Cleary uneasy on his first trip to the hospital, Rudy questions their actions. He believes ethical guidelines for the legal profession are existent for a reason. He goes on to ask Deck, “What’s wrong with ethics?” To which Deck responds…

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