Attorney Theodore Swan Jr. Case Essays

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In a search to find a lawyer to interview, I ran into attorney Theodore Swan Jr. LLC who was a lawyer with specialized practice in Juvenile Law, DUI, DWI and Appeals. He practices in Pennsylvania and in New Jersey Mr. Swan is originally from Canada however he has received most of his higher education here in the United States. He has attended four years of college in Saint Thomas University of Florida with a degree in Business Management and received his Juris Doctor at Temple University and 1 year at Villanova. During his years in school, he has gained valuable courtroom and trial experience by directly working with judges as a clerk, which provided him the insight into how the courts reach their decisions.
He is well qualified by passing the LSAT test and going to law school and passing the bar. His educational background and his exposure to law at a young age had a major influence on his career. He has had many attorneys and law enforcement in his family growing up and were very pro-education. His parents and extended family is the primary reason why he has chosen to work in this particular profession.
Currently, Swan is an active member of the Philadelphia Bar Association has helped thousands of law school graduates realize their dream of becoming lawyers by providing the guidance that helps them understand the tricks of the law. He has also has been a guest speaker at a number of universities in the tri-state area. During the interview, he has mentioned that he has…

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