Essay about Attitudes, Values And Job Satisfaction

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Attitudes, Values and Job Satisfaction

Introduction I would like to focus on how job dissatisfaction directly correlates to the concepts of organizational commitment and personality preferences. I’ve learned that “Truth influences emotions, and emotions influence perceptions, and perceptions influence attitudes, and ultimately job satisfaction”. Effective organizations strive to satisfy their employees knowing that when employees are happy, increase productivity is evitable. Dr. Fischer teaches that looking at job satisfaction from a covenantal perspective of Hesed and mutual accountability as it pertains to “big picture” thinking will create a sense of collaboration of just not thinking about ourselves, but thinking of the organization at large (Fischer,n.d.). However, with collaboration from both the organization and the employee working towards a healthy environment will lower turnover and increase morale (Robbins& Judge,2009 p 92).
Job Dissatisfaction Job satisfaction is described as the positive feeling that one has towards their job, conversely job dissatisfaction is negative feelings resulting from the evaluation and the characteristics that one possesses towards one’s job. Multiple reasons exist for dissatisfaction in the workplace, for example, interaction with employees, rules and policies, sub- standard working conditions, lack of career development, promotions, increase job stressors, role ambiguity, over worked employees and burnout are a few…

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