Attitudes Towards Sovereignty And Individual Rights Essay example

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Attitudes towards sovereignty and individual rights tend to be highly polarized. On one side of the spectrum are those who believe that the most emphasized aspect of international law should be the protection of sovereignty while others hope for individual rights to be promoted and protected. International lawyers Kofi Annan and Martti Koskenniemi, offer their contrasting perspectives.
Martti Koskenniemi believes that sovereignty since its inception has played a vital role in developing international relations, he notes that, “The pattern of influence and decision-making that rules the world has an increasingly marginal connection with sovereignty.” He expresses frustration at how globalization has contributed to the demise of state sovereignty and although he acquiesces that, “International law does not contain ready-made answers to problems about how the world should be governed,” Martti Koskenniemi hopes that by emphasizing the vocabulary in which political sovereignty is understood, lawyers can curb and limit the powers of global executives that do not correspond with state action.
Kofi Annan argues the opposite, declaring that the rights of the people should not depend on a state’s sovereignty, “As States are now widely understood to be instruments at the service of their peoples, and not vice versa.” He acknowledges that there has been a generational shift, whereby individual sovereignty, “has been enhanced by a renewed and spreading consciousness of individual…

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