Attitudes Towards Gay And Lesbians

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The attitude towards gay/ lesbian has changed in many ways since the 1990’s.
Peoples attitude has change in a positive way but there are some where their attitude has changed in a negative way and develop some type of hatred towards them. How did peoples attitude change towards gays and lesbians over the years if they have been around for many years prior to the 1990s. Many people are looking more into that field because of the laws they have passed which are the same sex marriage now that that is passed I’ve noticed that there is more gay and lesbians coming out. Many people’s attitudes develop a homophobic phobia and that’s what makes them change their attitude towards gay and lesbian people. This topic may not only be understood by analysis
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They have discriminated them more now because all people care about is being socially right. Two thousand years ago they didn’t care if they had proper or improper forms of sexual expressions but that has changed over time. But even though same sex desire has often been condemned and certainly has been subjected to active forms of discrimination, social attitudes about sexuality and the terms though which notions of proper and improper forms of sexual expression have been expressed have changed significantly over time (Hall 237). Back in time gay and lesbian people would be treated as harsh as people who would committee adultery “Some scholars have suggested that “sodomites” (a quasibiblical term for individuals who have had sexual contact with another person of the …show more content…
Many gay and lesbian people would go looking for jobs back then and they only thought in their head that they weren’t going to get hired just because of their sexual preference. They only had that stuck in their heads because that’s how people would treat them just because of their sexual preference. They studied many plays from Shakespeare and Tennyson and George Eliot and found out that they had homoerotic themes in them they found these books when gay and lesbian studies started becoming popular. Michael Warner published a book called “Fear of a Queer Planet” he used this book to enable people to think a bit more broadly about sexual

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