Attitudes Towards Gay And Lesbians

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The attitude towards gay/ lesbian has changed in many ways since the 1990’s.
Peoples attitude has change in a positive way but there are some where their attitude has changed in a negative way and develop some type of hatred towards them. How did peoples attitude change towards gays and lesbians over the years if they have been around for many years prior to the 1990s. Many people are looking more into that field because of the laws they have passed which are the same sex marriage now that that is passed I’ve noticed that there is more gay and lesbians coming out. Many people’s attitudes develop a homophobic phobia and that’s what makes them change their attitude towards gay and lesbian people. This topic may not only be understood by analysis
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They say that over the years many people have developed a homophobic attitude towards gay and lesbians “And along with this rigidity, they say, has come anxiety, panic and intensifying homophobic attitudes” (smith). Many people are starting to build these type of attitudes toward them because of things they hear from homophobic people that don’t care about gay and lesbian people. Many people are very interested in this field of gay and lesbians its becoming so mainstream that a lot of people have began to do research on it for example in ‘Queer Theory’ Is Entering The literary Mainstream Dinitia Smith mentions that “In Recent years, queer theory has become one of the most popular fields for graduate students in English Literature”(Smith) this shows that many people don’t have any harsh feelings for gay and lesbian people and they don’t care because that’s the most popular field in college. Many colleges have a positive view toward gay and lesbian people because they are recruiting queer theory theorist that will help them change people’s views on them. Some people that have a negative view towards gay and lesbian people might be disturbed by this topic. Over time the Queer Theory has become to mainstream in the literary scholarship for example “but over the last 15 years, with the rise of cultural studies, queer theory has become more and more part of mainstream literary scholarships” (Smith). This means that people are starting to find the topic more and more interesting. Many people had such a bad attitude towards gay and lesbian people that they even thought of closing movie theaters and bathhouses just because they thought that they would spread aids and HIV around

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