Essay about Attitudes Toward Cheating Behavior Among College Students

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Attitudes toward cheating behavior in college students
Academic success is determined by many factors; effort, ability, and time to name a few. But one factor, one that not many consider, can drastically change the outcome of an individual’s success. Cheating persists throughout all levels of education, whether administrators want to admit it or not. The problem with cheating is that it commonly goes unnoticed, and there are many factors that influence the probability of this occurring. One of the most influential factors is an individual’s attitude towards the act. Of course, the amount of risk and perceived reward affects how likely a person is to cheat, but the motivation must be present.
Using someone else’s written work for assignment would be considered plagiarism in all cases within college and after, and even in most cases within high school. Most students are taught this idea early on in their education, but rarely is this type of cheating behavior disapproved with such conviction. There should be the same level of urgency when referring to tests and assessments. By understanding where the college population stands on the topic, education administrators can apply the information to the desired area.
Within this paper, current and previous work that has been done on cheating behavior will be presented. Following will be a hypothesis and prediction of what will happen in the experiment. The information about participants, materials, procedures, and design will be…

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