Attitudes And Attitudes Of Consumer Behavior Essay

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Attitudes guide many aspects of consumer behavior. Having a positive attitude toward a product leads consumers to take pro-product actions, such as purchasing the product or recommending it to other consumers. Even though favorable attitudes toward the product can increase purchase intentions or other behaviors, simply establishing positive attitudes toward one’s product is not enough. In part, this is because attitudes are more influential when they are strong rather than weak (Petty & Krosnick, 1995). Though many properties of attitudes have been identified as predictive of how strong an effect the attitudes will produce (see Petty & Krosnick, 1995, for an overview), one attitude property that has received substantial attention is attitudinal ambivalence. Attitudes that are held with ambivalence produce different consequences than attitudes held without ambivalence in the domains of information seeking (e.g., Sawicki et al., 2013), information processing (e.g., Clark, Wegener, & Fabrigar, 2008; Zemborain & Johar, 2007), purchase intentions, and behaviors (e.g., see Hong & Lee, 2010; Wegener, Kelly, Wallace, & Sawicki, 2014). Because ambivalence can play an important role in determining the effects of the attitude on thinking and behavior, it is crucial to understand the factors that contribute to ambivalence. Therefore, the goal of the current research is to understand how individuals develop ambivalence in the first place.
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