Attitude toward evidence based practice Essay

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Nur 504 TOPIC 4 Q2
You are interested in nurses ' attitudes toward EBP. Which method do you think would work best to obtain this information: a questionnaire, a face-to-face interview, or a group interview? Defend your answer. Nursing research and evidence-based practice nursing sometimes begins, with a nursing research committee. Creating interest in nursing research is the first step to developing a nursing research committee or evidence practice council. Leadership need to give a push to increase participation for research and evidence-based practice in the units (Fowler, Leaton, Baxter, McTigue, & Snook, 2008).Written communication about nursing research posted in units can cause an interest, and recognition of nurses that is
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7. Moderately high measurement validity (i.e., high reliability and validity) for well-constructed and validated questionnaires, if it can be verified by a senior researcher.
8. Closed-ended items can provide exact information needed by researcher.
9. Open-ended items can provide detailed information in respondents’ words.
10. Analysis of data is easier with close ended questions in the questionnaire.
11. Useful for exploration as well as confirmation
12. It can be sent to different

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