Essay on Atticus Finch 's Strengths And Weaknesses

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Atticus Finch’s Strengths and Weaknesses Regardless of one’s personality and actions, every character possesses some type of strength and weakness that make them unique. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Nelle Harper Lee the character Atticus Finch is a father who has been known for his appreciable qualities as a father, but he is not the perfect father. Atticus does have an inferior trait that devalues his status as the perfect father. When analyzing Atticus’s character, comparing his strengths and weaknesses show how much of a distinctive character he really is. Regardless of Atticus Finch’s few imperfections, overall he possesses many strengths that make him a great father.
Although Atticus is an exceptionally effective father who stands up for what he believes in, his quality of being too overt about his morals in public harms his children. First of all, Atticus believes he needs to be involved with the trial as much as possible, which causes him to rarely be home. Because Atticus feels the need to be concerned with the trial, Aunt Alexandra has to come and help watch the children because Atticus has to be focused on the trial. Aunt Alexandra has a very harsh and demanding persona, which is very unappealing to Jem and Scout. Aunt Alexandra ridicules the people around her, including her very own brother. In the novel Aunt Alexandra continuously assesses Atticus’s parenting and her words cause the children to contemplate whether Atticus is a good father or not. Aunt…

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