Atticus Finch 's Parenting Technique Essay

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Atticus’ Parenting Technique Atticus Finch,a single father raising 2 imaginative and curious children Jem and Scout. After his wife died, he was left to take care of them. To him, Jem and Scout were the best parts of his life and all he had left in life. If he was going to be a single father, he was going to do it with love and do it right. He wanted what was best for them and always looked out for them. He even knew many things that were going on that they did not know he knew. He was a very well known lawyer who got a good education and wanted his kids to have the same. He was respected and loved by the townspeople but especially by his kids after they realized what an amazing man he was. Atticus was a great father whose teaching styles, different than most parenting at that time, would be a mix of "Hands off" and "Authoritative"(Lloyd) ;in a christian perspective though, he would be considered a Godly father.
Atticus was a very good role model for his children and taught them many life lessons. He disciplined them on: treating others equally; to put themselves in others shoes before judging them; to not fight fire with fire; to get a good education; and many other life lessons that were not common among the people back then. He respected all genders, ages, colors of skin, and social status with the same respect and expected his children to do the same. An example of putting themselves in others shoes was when Jem cut all of Mrs.Dubose prized flowers, after she…

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