Atticus Finch 's Influence On Scout And I Essay

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We assemble today to honor the life of Atticus Finch. Atticus was a mentor to many, but to Scout and I he was everything. You all might have known him as One-Shot Finch, and to me he was my loving, caring father. Most of you probably already know, yet I thought I would tell you anyways. I am Jem Finch, Atticus’ son. At a very young age, Scout and I realized that our relationship with our father, Atticus, was not like the typical father and children connection. Atticus’ impact on Scout and I show each and everyday through our thoughts and actions.
Atticus was a great man, and father. He was a lawyer and a member of the Alabama state legislature. Atticus grew up on Finch’s Landing, nearly twenty miles west of Maycomb County. Atticus went to Montgomery to study law. While in Montgomery, he met a woman who became Atticus’s wife. Our mother died from a sudden heart attack when I was six and Scout was just two. Atticus had some hardships trying to raise Scout and I on his own, yet he an extraordinary job. He then returned to Maycomb to start his practice. Atticus preferred to practice economy law over criminal law. Being a lawyer, Atticus taught us right from wrong.
Atticus had great principles on what is right. Atticus stressed each and everyday to Scout and I that everyone should be treated equal. Atticus was the same man at home that he was in the courtroom. He never stopped looking for the good in all people. Scout once said to Atticus, “Atticus, he was real nice real nice.”…

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