Atticus Finch : The Greatest Hero Of 100 Years Of Film History

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What makes someone a hero? Is it how he or she acts or what he or she teaches? This essay is about one character and why he is a hero. Not only is he one because of what he does, he is one because of what he teaches. That character is Atticus Finch from the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. In June of 2003, The American Film Institute named Atticus Finch the greatest hero of 100 years of film history. He deserves this award because he shows and teaches empathy, modesty, courage, and ethics.

One reason that Atticus deserves this award is because he shows and teaches his children courage. One night Atticus was at the local jail because he heard that a mob might try and hurt his client, Tom Robison. When the mob got there Atticus calmly looked up. He acted like nothing was going to happen. His children were there to see him in his action. They watched as their father talked to the mob. The children couldn’t take the fact that their father might get hurt, so they ran down to defend him. “Atticus stepped back and looked up. They’ve gone he said. Get some sleep Tom. They won’t bother you any more (pg.206).” This quote showed that Atticus had successfully made the mob leave without getting hurt. His action showed his children that their father was willing to stand up to a mob, just to protect the wellbeing of one person. This was not the only example of Atticus teaching courage. Another example would be when Ms. Doubose, their neighbor, died. “I wanted you to see…

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