Essay on Atticus Finch : A Man Who Stands Up For A Black Man

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Courage is Born Throughout It’s Difficulties
By McKinley Miner

What is courage? The dictionary defines courage as “ the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face a difficulty, danger, pain, without fear; bravery.” Throughout the entire novel of To Kill A Mockingbird there is one man who takes courage to a whole new level. Atticus Finch is a white man who stands up for a black man in a time period when most people wouldn 't have. Atticus’s courage shows throughout the novel when he not only put himself and family in danger, but also his reputation, and did it while the entire town was against him.
Tom Robinson is a man in the novel who is accused of violence and rape towards a white women. Atticus Finch a local lawyer takes the case and defends Tom even though it put himself and family in tremendous danger. No matter what seemed to happen Atticus tried his hardest to keep his children safe and to not be worried even when an angry crowd of Maycomb’s citizens gathered around their home. When questioned by his children about the mob Atticus replies with “No we don’t have mobs and that nonsense in Maycomb. I’ve never heard of a gang in Maycomb.” (Pg. 196) Even with his own children questioning him about the men wanting to hurt him Atticus plays it off as no big deal. It takes a lot of courage to be strong for yourself let alone others. Atticus knows that he must be courageous for his kids so they do not fear. Although this did not always work. Just because Atticus…

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